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Best place to watch Sitges Carnival with kids?

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Where to watch Sitges Carnival and it’s parades?

1 Answers

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    Sitges Carnival weekend attracts 250,000 people, with massive crowds during the parades (Sunday & more popular Tuesday).

    Even during the activities for children.

    Parades starts around 8pm & slowly making its way around the town.

    The key with youngsters along is to arrive early.
    And stay in one place until the parade ends
    (by bringing refreshments and snacks)

    Tight roads and ‘Cap de la Vila’ square (in the centre of town), can be too crowded for kids. Even will the well mannered crowd.

    There a relatively open areas at ‘Playa Espanya’… with crowds there just to watch the procession.

    Therefore it is less lively than along the promenade/seafront with the greatest space, where it’s a younger crowd and far more people dress up.

    That would be our suggestion.

    admin - May 28, 2017 | Reply

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