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Is Sitges primarily a Gay Male Resort?

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Will a straight couple, Lesbian group or young straight teens, feel at home?

1 Answers

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    Sitges certainly vies for the ‘best Gay European resort’ crown.
    And it might be the most popular destination, especially in summer.

    However, that could arguably be, because it is not that Gay
    (whilst providing many deeper facets for those looking for just a Gay experience)

    Primarily it is a family destination, with a Gay section of town and many Gay visitors, especially in peak summer.
    (though Gay pride week – SitgesGayPride.com and Bears Weeks, twice a year, ups the ante)

    But even then… other than Pride which is town wide, events tend to be concentrated in certain area. The ‘Gay Triangle’ of a few roads which get packed are easily avoided, if one desires. And even at peak summer, the Marina end of town (West/Left as you look at the sea), is often less touristy and Gay. Though avoid Balmins Nudest Beach, towards that way, during Bears… at it is full. But very family/gay mixed, into two ends, the rest of the year.

    There are lots of straight (Gay friendly) and Gay Bars in town.
    With Sin street (Carrer Primer de Maig) popular for both young and old (busy later every year : but 12 to 3.30 in summer). Sitges night has the info & maps (SitgesNight.com)

    Everyone can enjoy almost any bar, with a few ‘Dark Rooms’ for those that wish. Groups of girls, especially like the Gay cabaret and music venues (however entry has been refused in some Gay bars, including Queenz, during peak summer)

    Disco’s or bars made to accommodate Lesbians, however is missing, with the one venue closed and straight teenagers only have one Night club in town (Rickys) and a Pacha open in summer at Sitges marina (other one at Sitges Hills opens rarely). Can be an older crowd and costly (other than nights, at the club, taken by other promoters)

    As for culture, the Catalan style & celebrations still dominate. It is a very mixed town, both in sexuality and nationality.
    With small focuses of each, depending where you are in town.

    One needs to possibly choose other resorts, to find a prominence in British, Gay or any other sub groups. The lack of trouble, drunkenness and on the surface, sleaze, is what the Gay element brings, to make Sitges such a jewel.

    ‘Larger Louts’ tend to go elsewhere.

    Irrespective of preferences, one has to realise music can go into the wee hours, on the promenade during many yearly events and even the odd firework at well after midnight, curing Catalan celebrations. It’s all part of it’s charm!

    admin - May 28, 2017 | Reply

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