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Securing a school place

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Requesting and acquiring a school place

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    Securing a school place

    March/April 2 week application period for starting in September

    (empty places may be acquired outside that date)

    OIE will provide a list with different school vacancies

    Catalan Registration paperwork is found at schools, council or gencat.cat and is returned to the chosen school, local education office or representative, along with supporting documents (certificates)

    • Passports (D-N-I / N.I E)
    • Child´s birth certificate
    • City hall registration empadronado (yours & childs)
    • Tarjeta sanitaria- TSI – Spanish Medical card
    • Emplpoyment contract (or similar)

    As in the UK lack of places can limit local choice.

    Placed allocated by a points sytem by the Dept of Education

    • 40 points for current siblings
    • 5 points for previous family member
    • 30 points if live in Sitges
    • 20 points if work in Sitges
    • 10 points Families on a basic income only
    • 10 points families with a handicapped family member
    • 15 points single parent families and families with 3 or more children
    • 10 points children suffering certain chronic illnesses

    Education is compulsory and free for registered 6 and 16 year olds via public, private and public substidised private, concerted, schools

    • 0-3 yrs: 1st early childhood education
    • 3-6 yrs: Child Education
    • 6-12 yrs: Elementary Education
    • 12-16 yrs: Compulsory Secondary Sducation
    • 16-18 yrs: Baccalaureate school or vocational training intermediate level
    • 18 yrs +: University or higher level vocational training

    Oficina Municipal d’Escolarització (OME)
    Carrer Sant Joan, 1
    938 114 255

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