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Best beaches in Sitges for Children?

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What beach would you recommend for kids in Sitges?

1 Answers

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    Genral information on Sitges beaches is here

    Platja Playa Beaches for Kids

    1: Platja de les Anquines

    Platja de les Anquines

    Very far end of Sitges Town, to the west.
    Quietest stretch and pretty slim in places, so kids can be kept close

    2: Platja de Terramar

    Platja de Terramar

    Beach towards the furthest end of town,
    occassionally busy with Teramar Hotel guests,
    listening to daytime music & bands at night,
    Sea good for kids as it has a protected pool area

    3: Platja de la Barra

    Platja de la Barra

    Great for kids as it has a semi protected pool area

    4: Platja de la Riera Xica

    Platja de la Riera Xica

    Concrete dangerous for kids, is sometimes visable,

    where the sand has erroded away.

    5: Platja de l’Estanyol

    Platja de l'Estanyol

    Long relatively simple beach slim. Hard to contain kids.
    Less likely to get packed in peak summer.

    6: Platja de la Bassa Rodona

    Platja de la Bassa Rodona

    Busy, long relatively simple slim beach. Hard to contain kids.
    It is recognised as a gay beach which can get very busy,
    Can get overun by annoying drink sellers but not always..

    7: Platja de la Ribera

    Platja de la Ribera

    Relatively simple long slim beach which leads into those either side,
    making adventerous kids, hard to contain. Especially when busy.

    Can get overun by annoying drink sellers but handy as they come to you.

    8: Platja de la Fragata

    Platja de la Fragata

    Nice beach, however open with no boundaries.
    Often has a
    volley ball net, possibly for teens to use.

    9: Platja de Sant Sebastià

    Platja de Sant Sebastià

    Lovely smallish beach, eastern side of the church in a bay.
    Small number of exits & good views over the whole beach if needed.

    10: Balmins Beach

    Balmins Beach

    A small bay, with several areas seperated by rocks, coves.
    Making child care a bit more of a challenge.

    Whilst embraced by some liberal naked families, it is a nudest beach.
    Mixed crowd, including an section popular with gay visitors.

    11: Aiguadolç Beach

    Aiguadolç Beach

    A beach. small enough for kids to be kept in view with few exits
    & high ground, to view the whole beach if nessesary.
    Has a big bar restaurant, compared to many.

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