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When are the children off School?

School Holidays in Barcelona https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/spain/barcelona/family/schooling-education/school-holidays A calendar of the school terms in the provinces of Catal...

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Doula in Sitges

Simply cannot recommend such an important or controversial role. Just list local ones:

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Swimming Lessons for kids & babies

Aquatic activities for children

Sitges Camí de la Fita, s / n 08870 Sitges 93 811 42 68 Info@pmsitges.cat (no mention of baby classes, but likely to have something!!...

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Securing a school place

Securing a school place

March/April 2 week application period for starting in September
(empty places may be acquired outside that date)
OIE will provide ...

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Best beaches in Sitges for Children?

Genral information on

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What Sitges service providers can you recommend?

TAX Spanish tax advisor/accountant =

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Late night supermarkets for baby milk in Sitges?

Late night mini supermarkets are often open to 10pm or later during Sitge festivals and events, selling many baby items. Late night, Asian run Supermarket, close to Bars in Sin Street

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Relocating to Sitges with Kids

Council Information for newcomers can be found here Establishing yourselves in Sitges, as a family, is eq...

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Emergency Number & resources for Sitges?



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